Comparative Analysis of Health Care Systems in Lithuania, the Netherlands and Denmark


  • Ernesta Matulevičiūtė
  • Aistė Balžekienė



This article aims at comparing health care sytems in Lithuania, the Netherlands and Denmark, based on macro level data about health care system and representative public opinion surveys from International Social Survey module “Health” data (2011) that reveal public opinions about health care systems in selected countries. These countries have different models of health care systems and our research aimed at identifying in which model people are mostly satisfied with health care services. Research results revealed that health care system in Lithuania is evaluated by public worse in almost all aspects than in the Netherlands and Denmark. One of the worst indicators is public opinion in Lithuania that doctors put priority mainly on earnings but not on patients. Also people in Lithuania are not satisfied with the accessibility of health care services and they express a need for the changes in the system. These tendencies in public opinion lead to a significant level of mistrust in doctors particularly and in health care system generally. There is a high level of trust in doctors in the Netherlands and Denmark.







Experience of Public Administration Reforms