Supervision and Control of the Implementation of the Law on the Coordination of Public and Private Interests in Civil Service: Problematic Aspects


  • Kęstutis Vitkauskas Kaunas University of Technology
  • Algis Junevičius



The aim of the article is to reveal the efficiency of the activities of institutions controlling the monitoring of compliance with legal regulation of ethical principles of civil servants and compliance with “Law on the coordination of public and private interests in civil service”. The paper analyzes the concept of conflict of interest, legal management provisions of conflict of interest and mechanism for implementation monitoring of its enforcement, which is enshrined in Lithuanian legal acts. The article reveals data obtained from qualitative research that reflects the aspects of the activities of the institutions responsible for supervision and control of the implementation of the provisions of the Law on the coordination of public and private interests in the civil service. It is concluded that the legal regulation of conflict of interest creates preconditions for assurance of implementation of ethical principles, however lacks clarity and consistency in some cases. The absence of clear criteria for legal regulation of activity, effectiveness and results’ evaluation of institutions responsible for monitoring compliance with provisions of the law, passivity of heads of local government institutions does not allow to achieve real progress in combating conflicts of interest and corruption.







Civil Service