Development of Women Entrepreneurship in the Gender Equality Policy Context


  • Julija Mažuolienė Lietuvos socialinių tyrimų centras



gender equality policies, women entrepreneurship, women in business


Female entrepreneurship plays a significant role in the improvement of the country's social policies and makes positive changes in the field of gender equality and women economic empowerment. Despite the fact that participation of women in innovation, information technology and social business development is a priority area in the political agenda for women's empowerment in Lithuania and in the European Union, women still face greater barriers to establishing new enterprices, access funds and loans, and be an equal player in the business sector. The principle study areas of this issue are social and economic indicators in Lithuania and across the European Union, social gender roles in family and labour market, innovation policy, social and legal policies. Women entrepreneurs as a research subject are perceived as women innovators, creating successful businesses, leading innovative commercial projects, addressing economic and social situations of major importance to the society. An integrated and inclusive gender equality policy in the business sector should include equal access to business funding and busness networks, improve social security system and legal frameworks, achieve equality in family roles and childcare, and promote women participation in inovative business activitites through improving business skills and level of confidence.