The Assumptions for Senior Civil Service in Lithuania


  • Jonas Jagminas, Andrius Valickas Mykolas Romeris University


civil service reform, strategic human resource management, senior civil service


This article analyses the assumption for establishing senior civil service in Lithuania in the course of
reforms of civil service system directing much attention to the conceptualizations of senior civil service in
contemporary strategic human resource management theory and research where the need for establishing
senior civil service is grounded by stressing the differentiated approach to human resources. A special
attention is paid to highly valued and unique human resources, capable of leading the institutions and the
sector as a whole. The data of the empirical research indicate that the idea of establishment of the senior
civil service in Lithuanian is accepted ambiguously within the system of civil service. The authors, noting
highly contextual nature of the issue, conclude that the decisions on the concrete design of senior civil service
in Lithuania should be based on consideration of noticeable tendencies of developments of senior civil
services in the democracies of the world.