Regulation of Concessions in Lithuania: Managerial or Political Approach?


  • Alvydas Raipa, Violeta Kavaliauskaitė Kaunas University of Technology


public administration, New Public Management, political approach, managerial approach, concessions, public interest.


The purpose of the article is to analyse the regulation of concessions in Lithuania through the managerial
and political approaches of public administration and within the context of the New Public Management
theory. The article considers the problem of the regulation of concessions within the context of such
disciplines as Public Administration and Law. Since the EU law is a constituent part of the legal system of
the Republic of Lithuania, the paper also discusses the Community legislative framework with regard to
the regulation of concessions. Further, it provides an overview of the regulation of concessions laid out in
the Law on Concessions of the Republic of Lithuania. The goal is to determine which approach – managerial
or political – has been dominating in the regulation of concessions in Lithuania and which approach
would be more effective. Preliminary findings are in favour of the managerial approach with regard to
regulation of concessions in Lithuania.