Quality assessment methodology of doctoral degree studies


  • Danguolë Jankauskienë, Tadas Sudnickas, Dalia Vasarienë, Jolanta Grigaliûnaitë Mykolas Romeris University


doctoral studies, doctoral students, quality assurance.


The methodology to assess the quality of doctoral degree studies was prepared in order to present recommendations
on the ways to improve doctoral degree studies and their organization at Mykolas Romeris University. It
has been prepared by adjusting best practice of foreign countries and other Lithuanian universities. A doctoral
degree study organization analysis has been undertaken by adjusting „6 Sigma“ methodology and by creating three
special questionnaires. It has been examined how university graduates, their moderators and administrators evaluate
doctoral degree studies and their quality. According to the results of this research, proposals how to improve
doctoral degree study process quality were presented and instruments for quality process systematic measurement,
evaluation and quality improvement have been suggested. It was suggested to compare the current good international
and national doctoral study organization practice by adjusting SWOT analysis and comparable analysis. It
was also suggested to perform periodic (3-5 year) doctoral degree study process quality evaluations, according to
the established quality improvement goals and expected indicators, which we suggested in this research. We suggest
performing them by adjusting three questionnaires of doctoral degree studies stakeholders by using our proposed
instrument. Special questionnaires were created in accordance with the established stages of the process of doctoral
degree studies so that the quality of every stage could be assessed. In order to evaluate the doctoral degree study
programs we have offered a “peer review“ method. During the project we have established a primary data base
quality improvement process of the doctoral degree studies. We suggest using 6 Sigma methodology for further
investigations in order to monitor the whole process.