Line Manager Involvement in Human Resource Development


  • Jurgita Šiugždinienė Kaunas University of Technology


human resource management, human resource development, line managers, organizational development.


Current models of human resource development (HRD) suggest that expectations about a line manager
role in HRD are changing as organizations are striving to make the HRD function leaner and more
strategic. In this context, line managers are increasingly held responsible and accountable for human resource
development. Thus, this paper investigates the themes and implications, concerning the role of the
line managers in human resource development. It also seeks to explore current developmental roles of line
managers in Lithuanian government institutions and to define and discuss the factors inhibiting their
greater involvement in HRD. The results of the research have revealed that line managers in government
institutions of Lithuania have not assumed the responsibility for HRD. It was confirmed that it is difficult
to fulfill this role, either because of their work load or lack of skills and management tradition in this area.
It has been also concluded that substantial investments in capacity development of the line managers and
HRD specialists are needed to make sure that line managers and HRD specialists are capable of carrying
out their new roles.