Conflicts and Guidlines for Peacemaking in the Public Sector of Lithuania


  • Juozas Lakis Mykolas Romeris University


conflictual society, conflict behavior, the culture of conflict resolution, alternative dispute resolution (ADR)


The article deals with the phenomenon of conflicts arising in the society of postcommunist transformation. Lithuania
is one of those countries where simultaneous political and social transformation and followed by legal and
administrative modernization has caused formely uknown numerous social conflicts. The old mechanisms for dealing
with new conflicts were unfit. Society became dismembered and divided.
The article reviews an extent of conflicts in Lithuania, and how the state and society preserve the social order
from destruction. Conflict management along with its strong and weak features is under consideration. It further discusses
the following guidelines for developing a national system of conflict management:
– the role and importance of public administration as a conciliatory institution;
– the need for creating legal environment for conflict resolution through approving the mediation law;
– strengthening individual and communal culture of dispute resolution though education and special
training of youth and professionals.