Compatibility of Public Administration Systems and Ethics Management


  • Aive Pevkur State Chancellery of the Republic of Estonia Department of Public Service


public administration, public service ethics, integrity, ethics management, values, rules, implementation of ethics


In this paper the idea that certain approaches to ethics have better compatibility with certain public
administration systems is explored. Inquiry starts with an overview of general approaches to ethics management.
Then some country-cases are discussed to explore which approaches are actually used. Finally an
answer to the question, if there is any regularity in the use of certain ethics management approaches in
certain public administration systems is searched. Some ideas about compatibility of public administration
systems with ethics management are sketched. That is an attempt to expand overwhelming dualistic continuum
of ethics management. To some extent it has to be admitted that there is some speculation in interpretation
of facts. This approach is not purely empirical and some philosophical generalisations have been
drawn. On the other hand co-occurrence of some features of particular public administrations have provided
a basis to draw theoretical conclusions finally presented.