Institutional Networks and Trust in the Interaction between Local Government and Non-governmental Organizations


  • Jurga Bučaitė, Indrė Ambotaitė-Mazeliauskienė Kaunas University of Technology


institutional networks, the culture of trust, nongovernmental organizations, social capital, public good, local government.


The article proposes the analysis of institutional interaction between local government and nongovernmental
organizations. The overview of different theoretical positions including institutional network
analysis and trust concepts allow us creates a theoretical background for further institutional interaction
analysis. Exceptional attention is given to the sociological concept of trust and its functions, the creation of
trust culture in different political systems, especially in democracy. The implementation of project funding
mechanism on local government level is analyzed using methods of empirical survey. The data reveals
following problems of institutional interaction between local government and civic sector: lack of civic
standpoint, hierarchical non-flexibility, non-objectivity, individualization, inability of non-governmental sector
to represent their collective interests, the problems of leadership. The proper understanding of institutional
interaction mechanism on the public policy level is important for the non-government organizations’ leaders as
well as for local government representatives.