Management of Police Structures and Personal Training in the Context of New Public Management


  • Gediminas Bubnys, Vainius Smalskys Mykolas Romeris University


new public management, training of police personnel, changes in police management.


Paper analyses management of the police structures and staff training of this public sector organization,
which is also regulated by statute, in the context of the New Public Management. Authors analyses the
activities of police structures in western democracies and stress modern tendency- transformation of police
from providing military services to organization providing assistance for citizens. Training police officers
important are the following criteria: management competencies, professionalism, human rights and liberty
aspect, integration of police training organizations into common system of higher education. One of the
conclusions based on the analyses of management of contemporary police structures and staff-training
tendencies is that modern PA tendencies influence changes occurring in the militarist model of the police. Such
values as legality, democracy, efficiency of activity, the principles of the new public management are becoming
important in the police every day activities.