Change Management in Public and Private Organizations


  • Vladimiras Obrazcovas, Asta Vozbutienė Mykolas Romeris University


Every organization is a part of constantly changing world. The change of environment and human needs
influence communications, order and traditions of organizations. As the consequence of such a change organizations
must also change (ex. management styles, aims, politics, personnel formation and evaluation systems, and
technological systems, etc. can be changed) and every head of changing organization must lead and administer the
This article analyzes the process of administration of changes by paying great attention to the emphasis of
peculiarities of this process in organizations of two different types – of public and private sector. The aim of the
paper was detailed by three tasks that determined following work structure: the theoretical analysis of administration
of process of change is carried out in the first part by revealing the concept, importance and stages of administration.
The importance and essence of power field analysis, as the assumption of successful administration of
change, is presented in the second part. The third part of the work is for results of administration of changes and
their analysis.
Conclusions received permit to affirm that during the administration of changes it is important to pay attention
to the factors suppressing and prompting the changes. As the analysis of scientific literature and the results of
research revealed, in the most cases the factor suppressing the changes is human resistance to changes which can be
reduced by involving into the planning and implementation of changes as many potential opponents as it is possible.
So the control of resisting forces is the condition for successful changes.