The Development of Greek Social Policy


  • Arvydas Guogis Mykolas Romeris University


Greek social model, social security, social insurance, social assistance.


The article deals with the development of Greek social model during the past 25 years. The facts in the article
are extracted from the works of Greek and foreign authors and are explained in a chronological manner. The author
poses a question and answers to it positively: can social security develop successfully in an economically lagging
behind country? The achievements of Greek social security may present a solid basis for the critics of free market
apologists in showing the significance of strong social security. Besides the numerous, mainly extensive, results of
the Greek social model, it has some negative features as clienteleism, corruption and „amoral familialism“ which,
of course, can not be positive examples for the followers. Not only positive sides are worth to study for Lithuanian
scholars and students. The negative sides of Greek social model are worth to study too, as they have some comparative
resemblance with Eastern European model in general and Lithuanian model in particular.