On the Differences Between Lithuanian and Swedish Social Models


  • Agnė Liudvinovičienė, Arvydas Guogis Lietuvos teisės universitetas


welfare state, institutional socialdemocratic welfare state model, social policy, globalization.


In the article the model of the welfare state in Lithuania, its development and perspectives are overviewed and
also Swedish welfare state and its present situation is considered. In the beginning of creating Lithuanian social
security system, there was a turn to corporate welfare state model direction, but later direction has changed to a
liberal one. In the article various reasons of this turn are analyzed.
Lithuanian political parties, media and even society are not interested much in creation of institutional, Swedish
welfare state model. At the moment Lithuania is missing a lot of elements of main socialdemocratic welfare
state creation.
Recently in Sweden liberal direction as a consequence of globalization and tough economical competition can
be noticed. Economical difficulties promoted cuts in the expenses of state social security and application of new
public management practice. These new circumstances can shift Sweden from the traditional objectives of socialdemocratic
welfare state and the question of implementing of some of its elements in Lithuania may totally disappear
from economical, social and political agenda.