Political Parties in Management Science View


  • Fabijonas Saulius Butkus Vilnius Gediminas Technical University


political party, management, product, consumer, mission, goal, program, strategy, philosophy.


The low level of representative power and political parties in Lithuanian public opinion inspired this analysis
of political parties, as organizations using basic knowledge of management science. Understanding that voters are
consumers of political party’s activities result, programs for election campaigns are considered as a main product of
political parties’ activity basing on the most popular contemporary understanding of political party. Basing on the
fundamentals of management science a strategy of state development and persons prepared to implement that
strategy in representative and governmental institutions are considered as a more valuable product of party activities
in the article. Acquiring the power to govern a state for long enough period, when more than half of citizens
participating in elections are oriented towards short term goals is considered as a paradox of democracy. Creation
and popularizing a philosophy of political party, forming a field of main values in the state’s life, serving as a basis
for strategy and short time election programs is considered as a mission of political parties in contemporary
Lithuania enabling to overcome the paradox of democracy.