Loanwords in Administrative Style of the Lithuanian Language


  • Vida Žilinskienė Lietuvos teisės universitetas


administrative language, loanwords, word frequency.


The article deals with the usage of loanwords in the texts of functional style of the administrative Lithuanian
language: word frequency, their belonging to certain parts of speech, the most common types of formation have
been evaluated. The loanwords under this analysis have been compared to the loanwords of other Lithuania functional
styles. The analysis of loanwords has been based on the “Frequency dictionary of modern written Lithuanian”.
The following conclusions have been drawn:
1. Loanwords comprise the most significant part of lexis of Lithuanian administrative texts. Among the most
frequent 87,63 procent words in the texts of this style, loanwords make up 23.15 procent.
2. Nouns make up a significant part of loanwords (71.35 procent – words, 79.67 procent – word usage).

3. The most often used suffix of loan nouns is -ija, and its variant -(i)acija. The nouns of this formation make up
4. Loan adjectives most often are formed by the suffix -inis (84.71 procent), and verbs – with the suffix – (iz)uoti
(93.97 procent).
5. The results obtained show that non standard considered loanwords (kaðtai, biznis, marketingas, menedþeris,
brokeris) have been found in the administrative style.
6. Comparison of administrative, publicistic and scientific styles revealed the same most frequently used loanwords,
the frequency of occurrence however being significantly different.
7. From the point of view of word formation loanwords in administrative style of the year 1973–1974 are very
similar to those in publicistic style.