Legal Regulation of Public Servants’ Activity: the Ethical Aspect


  • Jolanta Palidauskaitė Kaunas University of Technology


public servants’ activity, ethics of public administration, rights, duties and responsibility of public servants, values of public servants.


Ethical paradigm of public servant activity haven’t deserved appropriate researchers and practitioner’s attention.
The author examines Lithuanian laws regulating the activity of public servants from ethical perspective. Using
methods of content and comparative analysis the author follows the historical development of laws, evident tendencies
and direction in the broader public administration context.
The basis for legal regulation of public servants activity was laid in Lithuanian Constitution of 1992. 1995 the
first Civil Service Act was pasted. Civil Service Act had been changed three times trying to broaden the scope of
regulation, to balance rights and duties of public servants, to increase personal responsibility, and to identify ethical
principles for public servants.
1997–2000 laws regulating conflict of interests and sexual harassment had been passed. These laws have some
disadvantages but the same time they can be estimated as first steps trying to deal with such serious problems in
public administration.