Implementation of Strategic Planning System in Lithuanian Public Administration Institutions


  • Nijolë Kundrotienė, Kęstutis Rekerta Lietuvos Respublikos Vyriausybës kanceliarija


Strategic planning.


This article gives the overview of the implementation of strategic planning system in Lithuania and identifies
the problems that were posed while implementing the mentioned system.
The reforms were practically implemented in 2000 when the Strategic Planning Manual was adopted by the
Government of Lithuania. The Manual provides instructions for the preparation of strategic plans. In 2000 for the
first time ministries’ and Government agencies’ strategic plans were prepared following the budget formation cycle
for the year 2001. Following the Manual the ministries and Government agencies pointed out expected results they
wanted to achieve. In this way the activity transformed from process oriented into result oriented. Monitoring and
reporting is a fundamental part of a good planning process and in 2002 for the first time ministries and Government
agencies have reported on the results achieved against their planning targets.
This article also includes analysis of experience as well as suggestions for future improvement. Progress is
required at two levels: first, the political level (the Prime Minister and Ministers) needs to be more actively involved
in the deliberations on priority setting. Second, the administrative level needs to improve decision–making process.