Antecedents of Public's Trust Level Regarding Covid-19 Vaccination: As Reflections of Good Governance in Indonesia


  • Jonathan Jacob Paul Latupeirissa Pendidikan Nasional University



Covid-19 Vaccine, Good Governance, Political Affiliation, Public Trust, Religion


Good governance is an approach to creating good organizational management founded under the principles of transparency, equity, and accountability to achieve organizational goals. The rising public demand for good governance has encouraged the central and local governments to apply transparency and accountability in their administration. Public distrust of the government in dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic through the vaccine program can be affected by the level of education, age, political affiliation, religion, and perceived experience. The community assumes that every action decided by the government always involves political and economic interests; the government takes advantage of the momentum amidst the calamities suffered by the community. The purpose of this study is to examine the trust factor, political party, and level of education in correlation with the influence of the variable level of public trust in the Covid-19 vaccine program as an embodiment of good governance. This study is descriptive quantitative research. The primary data used derives from questionnaires distributed via Google Form with a total of 391 respondents. The results from the analysis and discussion indicated that all utilized variables in this study for both the independent variable of public trust and moderation variables (religion, political affiliation, and education level) affect the transparency of good governance in the delivery of the Covid-19 vaccine program. It is also known that the moderation variables consisting of religion, political affiliation, and the latest education level are considered partial moderation because the magnitude of the direct influence is greater than the indirect one, meaning that the independent variable can directly influence the dependent variables without going through or involving moderation variable.

Author Biography

Jonathan Jacob Paul Latupeirissa, Pendidikan Nasional University

Jonathan Jacob Paul Latupeirissa, Lecture, Faculty of Law and Social Sciences, Pendidikan Nasional University.