Digital Transformation's Impact on Sustainable HR Management: Comparative Study of Work-Life Balance and Skill Development in Public versus Private Sectors of a Developing Country




Sustainable HRM, Digital Transformation, Work-Life Balance, Skill Development, Trainings, Online Platforms


The quick development of digitalization has transformed the nature of work and has brought new opportunities for businesses to achieve sustainable human resource management in many ways, including remote working as a means to achieve work-life balance and training access for new skill development. Objective - the objective of this study is to offer a comprehensive understanding of the challenges faced by private and public organizations in Kosovo. This study tries to make a comparison between these two sectors aiming to help public administration policymakers spot the gaps between sectors and improve digitalization in the public sector. Methods: we have conducted a qualitative analysis. 21 interviewed businesses explained in detail the process of digitalization and its effect on achieving work-life balance and new skills development as ways to achieve SHRM. Results: according to the analysis, digitalization is improving both public and private workers' skills. However, private companies are more likely to use remote work to achieve work-life balance, while in public organisations; digitalization has mostly helped in the training of employees. Conclusions: In general, digitalization has helped businesses achieve SHRM. Despite the fact that, in general, private-sector businesses benefit more from digitalization than public organizations.

Author Biography

Gazmend Qorraj, University of Prishtina

Gazmend Qorraj is a professor at the University of Prishtina and holds the Jean Monnet Chair for European Integration awarded by the EU Commission. He received his PhD from the University of Ljubljana in 2009 and MA in Economics of International Trade and European Integration in 2004 at Staffordshire University, UK & Vrije University Brussels. Apart from long educational experience in teaching and research, he worked as NCP for HORIZON 2020. Currently, he is a member of Kosovo National Research Council.