Competitiveness as objective of regional development


  • Leonas Žitkus Kaunas University of Technology
  • Monika Mickevičienė Kaunas University of Technology



competitiveness of region, development, objective of development, ability of region


Possibilities to use competitiveness concept as the aim of regional development are revealed in the article and main competitiveness (as the ability of region to create more favourable conditions of economic activity and people‘s life in comparison with oter regions) features which have to be taken into consideration by administration of the region while creating strategic development plans are indicated. Main differences between competitiveness concepts of enterprises, countries and territorial units (regions) are indicated and complexity of competitiveness as particular feature of the region is revealed. It is noticed that wide enough spectrum of opinions according competitiveness of region exists and such situation indicates attempts to know the phenomenon of competitiveness and use this knowledge diverting development of region in desirable direction, i.e. declareing competitiveness as the aim (goal) of regional development. It is stated  that this idea recently becomes increasingly popular and due to transformation of regional cohesion paradigm which dominated in management of regional development process for a long time and application of primal version of which raises the classic dilemma of regional development aims – equality or competitiveness.







Regional Development in Lithuania