Symbiozis of Marketing and Public Diplomacy in Nations Branding: Theoretical Insights


  • Rimantė Hopenienė
  • Liudmila Bagdonienė



nation branding, public diplomacy, image, place marketing, simbiozis


Each country seeks to create a unique national brand that discloses its identity and image, and helps other nations to uncode its economic, cultural, political and other strengths. Nation branding is one of the processes for image formation and development, and the aim of image is to stimulate exports, attract tourism flows and investments, and create positive perception in international level. Nation branding is important not only for popularization of nation brand externally, but also for formation of residents’ attitudes towards the country, for internal image and reputation. In other words the effect of nation branding is dual. The intensifying interest of scholars and practitioners from different fields in nation branding conditions the emergence of interdisciplinary studies that leads to a better understanding of this phenomenon. The idea that nation image creation and strengthening in geopolitical space depends on synergy of nation branding and public diplomacy is reasoned in this paper. The synergy of nation branding and public diplomacy disclose a contemporary effect and complementary of these different processes.







Experience of Public Administration Reforms