Comtemprorary state image forming using public diplomacy and developing nation brand: The Case of Lithuania


  • Mindaugas Puidokas Kaunas University of Technology
  • Jolita Kiznytė Kaunas University of Technology



state image, nation brand, public diplomacy


Good state image ensures smooth integration into global market and international political system, helps to attract more foreign direct investments, tourists. It secures that country will gain the support of foreign countries and international organizations in solving various economic, political and security issues. In XXI century even small states are used to set a strategic goal of image forming in their national strategies and achieve this goal by using public diplomacy and nation branding. This paper aims to analyze the issues of contemprorary small states image forming by using public diplomacy and developing nation brand. Also main problems of Lithuania image forming are identified on the basis of comparative analysis of the cases of Lithuania, Estonia, Finland. The paper also contains the model of image forming and development of public diplomacy for Lithuania which was created on the basis of the comparative analysis of these three cases.


Author Biographies

Mindaugas Puidokas, Kaunas University of Technology

Doctor of Social Sciences, is an Associate Professor at the Department of Public Administration, Faculty of Social Sciences, Kaunas University of Technology.

Associate Professor.

Jolita Kiznytė, Kaunas University of Technology

Master studies student in Project management, Faculty of Economics and Management, Kaunas University of Technology






Public Management