Stimulation and Encouragement of Lithuanian Small and Medium-size Enterprises, Improving Public Sector Services for Business


  • Jolita Greblikaitė Associate professor at the Institute of Europe of the Faculty of Social Scienses Arts and Humanitus University of Technology
  • Neringa Puškoriūtė PhD student of Kaunas University of Technology Faculty of Economics and Management.



small and medium-sized business, small and medium-size enterprises (SMEs), stimulation of entrepreneurship, factors influencing SMEs, instruments for SMEs and entrepreneurship devevelopment, public sector services for business


In the article potential of small and medium-size enterprises (SMEs), the situation of public sector services important for business are analyzed. There were distinguished instruments and factors influencing and stimulating activity and entrepreneurship in SMEs. The possibilities of improvement the situation of SMEs activity were foreseen. Fulfilled scientific literature analysis, document analysis, situation and comparative analysis revealed that stimulating instruments for SMEs were not properly used in Lithuania. The price, number of procedures, and time of public sector services for business are not motivating and should be improved. Improvement of political and legal environment, favorable financing possibilities, development of e-public services should be made developing favorable environment for Lithuanian SMEs. Learning and education initiatives by responsible institutions could be rather effective instruments for development of entrepreneurial SMEs, better cooperation between business and education sectors. Entrepreneurial SMEs creation depends a lot from new generation and positive view to business and entrepreneurship in society overall.







Practice of Public Policy and Administration