The Role of Institutional Dimension in the Conception of the Sustainable Development

  • Vladislavas Domarkas Kaunas University of Technology
  • Vita Juknevičienė Šiauliai University
  • Roberta Kareivaitė Šiauliai University
Keywords: sustainable development, institutional dimension, new governance


The article analyses the role of the institutional dimension’s in the conception of the sustainable development. It reflects in the identification of the equivalence of the institutional dimension towards social, economical and ecological dimensions; it manifests the significance of the New Governance in the sustainable development’s policy and it’s modeling and implementing processes. During the research the idea was substantiated, that the state governance and the public administration organizations should be actively involved in processes of the structuring and the permanent enhancing of the appropriate provisions for the sustainable development, because the objective of the sustainability is making the impact on the states’ policy increasingly through the global organizations’ information channels and its institutional nets.


Globalization and Public Administration