Lithuanian Maritime State Position Strengthening: the Role of Klaipėda State Seaport in the Context of Lithuanian Transport Policy


  • Mindaugas Puidokas Kaunas University of Technology
  • Lina Andriuškaitė Kaunas University of Technology



Klaipėda state seaport, Klaipėda state seaport authority, maritime state, competitiveness, transit


In all historical periods oceans and seas perform very important role in state political and economical development. The most advanced states and nations were situated by the sea. The major way to travel was by sea, also it was a way to change goods and ideas between people and to takeover the inventions of other nations. Lithuania is one of the last states, which began to develop sea transport. The major reason for this is complicated geopolitical situation of Lithuanian state. Our state is located in the most important European peace and war crossroad. After Lithuania regained the independence, the express development in Klaipėda state seaport was seen. The coverage of cargo was magnified and international relations were improved too. However, even today in the global trade and international competition context, Klaipėda state seaport is influenced by wide spectrum of forces, which determine the seaport and sea transport sectors fluent behaviour.
The results of the research indicate that Klaipėda state seaport is one of the most important components of Lithuanian transport system. The development of sea transport sector takes one of the major roles in the programme of current Lithuanian government. Lithuanian maritime state future status and effective use of having the seaport by the Baltic sea depend on how effectively the basic issues of Klaipeda city, Klaipėda state seaport and sea transport development will be resolved.







Practice of Public Policy and Administration