Local Self-government in the Ukrainian Authority’s Territorial Organization: Problems and Priorities of the Development


  • Valentyna Mamonova Kharkiv Regional Institute of Public Administration of the National Academy of Public Administration attached to the Office of the President of Ukraine


local self-government, territorial authority’s organization, territorial administration, administrative-territorial system, area development.


The aim of this article lies in generalization of the results of research on the local
self-government functioning problems in the Ukrainian territorial authority system and
specification of priorities on development. Topicality of the present theme is stipulated by
the necessity to develop the Ukrainian statehood based on democratic principles, to be
aware of the role of the local self-government and state engaged in administration of the
territories, to form such territorial authority model that would fit the modern European
standards and would be directed at provision of rights, liberties and legal interests of each
individual. It is shown, that further development of the local self-government in the territorial
authority’s organization should be grounded on reforming of the administrativeterritorial
system of the country, regulation of powers of local executive bodies and managing
activity of local government bodies in the development of the respective territories.