Evidence-Based Alcohol Consumption Regulation Policy Tools and their Application in Lithuania


  • Ilona Tamutienė Vytautas Magnus University


evidence-based policy, alcohol consumption regulation tools.


The main aim of this article is to analyze the evidence-based alcohol consumption
regulation policies and their application in Lithuania. This article is based on the theoretical
framework of evidence-based policy, legal acts and laws, literature, secondary statistical data
analysis and qualitative focus group interview. In conclusions, it is stated that the positive
changes of effective evidence-based alcohol consumption regulation policy measures can be
observed. Most effective are drunk-driving regulations. The increase of alcohol excise duties,
limitations on alcohol advertising on television and the forthcoming bans of outdoor
advertising can be assessed positively. Despite the time restriction on sales of alcohol at night,
the number of alcohol sale points remains very high. Finally, the performance evaluation of
educational programs‘ effectiveness as the measures of alcohol regulation remains controversial.