Analysis of the Problems of Municipal Warden Development


  • Alvydas Bale├żentis Mykolas Romeris University


municipal wardens, case study, expert evaluation, fields of social tensions, sustainable development.


Public policy has to ensure a smooth development of the subjects at all levels of the state. The development of
a municipal warden, which constitutes the core of the municipalities, is especially important.
The factors for sustainable development and the methodical issues concerning the analysis of the problems of
warden development are discussed in this article. The following methods were used for the research of the problems
of municipal warden development: resource analysis, case analysis, questionnaire surveys, and expert evaluation.
The methodical principles of the analysis of the problems of municipal warden development were defined
during the research. A completed case study allowed identifying the fields of social tensions in the demographical,
property, welfare and other domains of a selected municipal warden. By applying expert evaluation the solutions
for the problems of economic, social and environmental development of the municipal warden were proposed.
The results of the research are relevant for the conduction of public policy and for the preparation of the
strategies and programmes for the municipal warden development.