Public Administration Influence on Building Trade


  • Danius Lygis, Oksana Konstantinovienė Mykolas Romeris University


the Public Administration, the Construction Business.


As representatives of the construction business are able to manage themselves so that they are in conformity
with the existing and future requirements of Lithuanian market development and international integration, maintaining
the ability to compete on domestic and international markets, thus the alternation of certain public administration
institutions for successful development of the construction business should be planned. Unplanned
alternation of public administration is conditioned by constant and hardly predicted political, economical and
social environment. On the other hand, however, purposive alternation of public administration for the construction
business should be pursued by certain public administration institutions and organizations, aiming at the
effectiveness of the activities carried out by public administrators, efficiency, and non-bureaucratic attitude towards
the construction business.
The importance of the ratio between free market and state regulation of economics for the modern life is very
high, which means that the importance of public administration on the construction business is tremendous.
Survey analysis is used for clarification and respective evaluation of the opinion of the construction business
community with regard to the functioning of public administration in the construction business. Public administration
in the construction business is studied by experts of market economics, officers of public institutions and
businessmen-builders themselves; the topic, however, hasn’t been studied well enough to avoid problems and
mistakes when making certain decisions.