Interaction Problems of State Government and Local Self-government


  • Agota Giedrė Raišienė Lietuvos teisės universitetas


Subjects of state government, self-government, counties.


The aims of this article are to describe the fundamental connection between State government, counties and
municipalities and to expose peculiarities of interaction of State government subjects and Local Self-government
institutions. The survey method is grounded on the systemic research and analysis of the Lithuanian legal acts: Law
on the Local Self-government, Law on the Governing of the County and Law on the Regional Development. The
main conclusions of the article are following: a) the objects, functions and responsibility of Regional institutions and
Counties are separated by legal acts, but in fact Regional institutions and Counties are indivisible unit; b) in reality
municipalities become subordinate to the State government and restraint from Self-government institutions appreciable
by limited liberty of decision making and finance resources, and intensive state inspection of procedures; c)
there is not fully realized principle of decentralization. In the future State government system and Local Self-government
reforms could take the way of self-governmental regions making and the power, functions and decision
making competence of municipalities could be extended.