Defense System as the Object of State Government


  • Algirdas Orenius Lietuvos teisės universitetas


defense system, strategy of defense system, degree of security.


One of today major problems of public administration – defense system of the state and planning of her
strategy. Sucha situation is, because too small attention was paid for it in literature of public administration, like a
specific problem that belong to sector of public administration. This problem often is solved only in military aspect,
and is hold as a part of military defense system. There are not enough competitive specialist and experts who would
understand sucha problem and would take part solving it as well.
It is very important to understand, that defense system is systematic objekt and all problematic should be
taken as a whole system that integrate and accumulate different, even opposite elements. Spectrum of methods is
very wide, and amount is very large, and for realization well-organized and effective management should be involved.
Effectiveness of defense system depends on ability to use all possible resources that are in the state. That is why
defense system and control of he implementation should belong to public administration.