Changes in the crisis management policy – a case study of Poland


  • Grzegorz Kunikowski Warsaw University of Technology
  • Marek Kisilowski Warsaw University of Technology



public crisis management, risk management, critical infrastructure


This article aims to provide insights into the research conducted in 2019 when recommendations for changes in the Act on Crisis Management in Poland were formulated and to evaluate the changes introduced in the form of an amendment to the Act on Crisis Management in 2020. The research presented in the article is based on the assessment of the recommendations formulated by the authors in 2019 according to the trends in public crisis management (New Public Management, Public Governments) made in comparison to the literature in this area. The practical part of the presented research consists of a comparative analysis in four categories (General, Risk, Critical Infrastructure, Other) and a discussion of the compliance of the formulated recommendations with the changes in the amended act in 2020. The research showed that the recommendations formulated in 2019 were accurate, especially in the categories of Risk and Critical Infrastructure. The recommendations in the General category relate to the concept of security at the state level, but not to this law on crisis management and thus appear to be neutral. In the theoretical context, compliance of individual recommendations with the trends in public management was indicated.