Development of Police Personnel Training System in Lithuania in 1990–2010


  • Kęstutis Vitkauskas Mykolas Romeris University



police education, police training system, police schools


The paper deals with the development of the police personnel training system in Lithuania in the period of 1990‑2010. Assessing cultural and social circumstances of the formation and functioning of police institution, the degree of modernization of police management and personnel policy implemented in the system, the reasons of inefficiency in training police officers have been revealed. The problems discussed in the paper have been revealed investigating the development of personnel training system by conditionally dividing it into two stages in which the prevailing cultural and social environment and the former model of police institution management had determined the implementation of the officers training policy. The findings of the research showed that in Lithuania inefficient implementation of the reforms in the police system and insufficient cooperation between the Ministry of the Interior and universities are the reasons of failure to create a modern police officers training system, which secures the efficient preparation of police officers.






Management of Statutory Organizations