Vol 10, No 1 (2011)

Table of Contents

Book Reviews

Governance Evolution in Contemporary Stage PDF
Alvydas Raipa 153-155

Conference Proceedings

International Conference „Public Governance: Theoretical Concepts and Practical Implementation“ PDF
Eglė Vaidelytė 156-157

Ethics in Public Administration

Integrity Agencies as One Pillar of Integrity and Good Governance PDF
Chris Aulich 41-52
The Fight against Trading in Influence PDF
Willeke Slingerland 53-66

Lead Article

Reflections on the Public Administration Paradigm Change in the Last Decade’s Publications PDF
Vladislavas Domarkas 9-16

Management of Higher Education

Problems of the Education System Development of Ukraine in Times of Crisis PDF
Vadim Lunyachek 67-78
Integration of Non EU National Scholars in Lithuanian Universities PDF
Irmina Matonyte, Ana Klementjeviene 79-89
Aspects of Legal Regulation and Implementation of Public Administration Students' Internships in Lithuania PDF
Jolanta Juralevičienė, Jolanta Palidauskaitė 90-102

Management of Statutory Organizations

Comparative Aspects of Police Education and Training Systems in European Countries PDF
Kęstutis Vitkauskas 141-152

Motivation of Civil Servants

Analysis of Public Servants' Working in Municipality Administration Motivation Research PDF
Jolanta Palidauskaitė, Aušra Vaisvalavičiutė 127-140


More Efficient Use of the Material Basis of Local Government: the Introduction of Concession Relations PDF
Valentyna Mamonova, Aleksandr Olshansky 103-114
On Relationships between Municipal and Non-governmental Organisations in Lithuania PDF
Arvydas Guogis, Andrius Stasiukynas 115-126

Theory of Public Policy and Administration

Decisions in the Evolution of Contemporary Public Governance PDF
Jolanta Buškevičiūtė, Alvydas Raipa 17-26
Public Governance Concepts and their Use in Civil Service Reform Research PDF
Saulius Pivoras, Ernesta Visockytė 27-40


Notes for Contributors PDF

Print ISSN: 1648-2603
Online ISSN: 2029-2872